Neff T58TL6EN2 Venting Induction Hob, Black


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Induction cooking gives almost instant heat that’s generated directly in your cookware, allowing you to precisely control the temperature at which you cook and it stops when the pan is removed from the hob. Perfect for all kinds of dishes, the T58TL6EN2 N 90 induction hob from Neff has four induction zones and a flex zone for versatile cooking and effective heating, no matter what’s on the menu. It also comes with a built-in extractor.

Thanks to Neff’s FlexZone feature, you can place your pots and pans anywhere within the induction zone and they will heat exactly where they stand, conserving energy and enhancing cooking results.

What’s more, the FryingSensor with five selectable temperature settings monitors the set temperature and holds it steady, so there’s no more burning. PowerMove divides the FlexZone into three modes of heating – boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear.

Neff’s TwistPad Fire is a removable, illuminated dial that gives you precise and convenient control over all cooking zones. It’s held in position by permanent magnets under the hob’s surface and uses sensors to register the change in direction and trigger the selected setting. To make things even easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated.

To top it off, the T58TL6EN2 comes with its own built-in extractor to help clear the air of grease and odours as you cook.

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